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Andrew Sellers

Software Developer

PDF Resume


  • Languages: Go, Ruby, Javascript, SQL
  • Frameworks: Rails, Echo, Vue.js
  • Technologies: MySQL, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Redis, MongoDB


Advisory Board / EAB / Senior Software Developer

January 2015 - May 2018, Hoover, AL Worked to improve the Rails monolith from GradesFirst and build out supporting services in Rails 4 and Go. Light supervision of other developers at times. Worked on various improvements to the code base like a Rails 3 migration, new integration test framework, and multiple prototypes for future improvements like Postgres, SPA migration, and Restful services.

GradesFirst / Software Developer

*May 2011 -January 2015, Hoover, AL * Worked to build out new features and fix bugs and performance problems on a Rails 2.3 monolith and supporting infrastructure. Responsible for full-stack development, from manually optimizing SQL queries to writing sass/scss for pages.


GradesFirst / EAB Campus

I worked on feature development for 7 years. Started as a Rails 2.3 application, assisted in the migration to Rails 3.2. Developed separate services for search, SSH import/export. Technologies Used: jQuery, MySQL, Ruby 1.9, Ruby 2.2, Rails 2.3, Rails 3.2, Rails 4.0, Elasticsearch, Angular 1.5, Go, jQuery UI, DataTables, Bootstrap, SCSS/Sass, vim, OpenSSH, Pusher, Ajax, API Design, OpenPGP, S3, Redis, Resque, Haml, Erb, MongoDB.

Diamant /

Diamant was a 1 week project I did that incorporated those technologies. It’s sort of like an event scheduling system Technologies Used: Vue.js, Go, Echo, Postgres, Flutter, Vuetify, VS Code, Google Calendar, Restful API, Material Design.


Computer Science, University of Alabama, 2007-2011